Heavy fog hits UAE

Published: 26 Dec 2017

‘UAE’ a land of sunny side famous for its incredible skyscrapers and the gorgeous warm weather has faced something unusual. A thick blanket of white swallowing the roads and highways with visibility dropping to as low as 100 metres, driving has become a very difficult thing, especially in the night.

Something that is beyond usual in UAE always catches the eye of the spectator. Even if this has made people struggle to reach work or home, It’s beautiful too. Giving a visual sense of cold and foggy weather that you don’t see every day in this luxury desert.

Safety first: When you are driving in a fog like this which is extremely dense, then, consider the fact that you don’t have a clear vision plus it gets very difficult to calculate the distance between cars. So drive safe and enjoy the foggy weather around the amazing properties of the beautiful Emirates.

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