Range works in getting technologically advanced office buildings, apartments and residences to our clients in various parts of the world. We have an established presence in the United Arab Emirates, India and other parts of the Asian continent and we are rapidly extending our operations into other continents and countries of the world.

We strive to excel consistently with our exceptional work..

With highly experienced and qualified staff we understand real estate like no other.

You’re not just investing in the properties we offer, you’re investing in a movement that is changing the way property is viewed internationally.



As a company, we always look too provide top quality services and make high-tech real estate products readily available to all our clients by providing ease of transactions, optimal customer experiences, and a wide range of products to enable all our clients solve any of their real estate challenges

Range seeks to be one of the best real estate companies in the world, having a wider market reach and access to untapped resources in real estate technology, with the end goal being to research and create its own real estate products for a variety of international markets.

Beyond advice: Range offers more than advisory services, we make the move to ensure that your dreams of owning, investing or selling your property are achieved.

Beyond service:Exemplary service from start to finish. We aim to please with all we do, creating a long lasting relationship.

Beyond value: Valueless. Priceless. These are the words that drive our offering. Making sure you get more than your value for money.

Beyond location: Property in Dubai is not just about the location. These properties are brands. Everything in this city is a representation of an even bigger image.

Beyond luxury: Range makes all luxury appreciate. Range creates happiness with every property.

Beyond quality: Range assures all its clients of highest level of standards and quality. Our products are top-notch. Our team is top-notch. Our partners are top-notch.

Beyond results: We are driven by the constant urge to over-achieve. We don’t just get results, we join you in celebrating results.

Beyond commitment: We are committed to making you go beyond your dreams.

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Meet The Leaders


Range consists of a diverse team with various unique qualities. All members of the team are exceptional in their areas of expertise and bring with them wealth of experience to take the organization to greater heights.


Nitin Chopra


Lester Verma

Head Of Sales

Brendon Baker

Head Of Corporate Sales



We believe that a passion to always do beyond what is expected will drive you to develop the requisite skills to be successful in a very short time – if you don’t already have the skills – and even improve those you already have! That is why our doors are even open to those who have little or no experience. Newbies to the Dubai real estate space, you’re welcome! Let’s see your résumé Please send your resume at [email protected]

If you have more than one year of experience practicing in the Dubai real estate space, we would love for you to submit your résumé, right after we get a little information off you at agents survey page