Out With The Old, In With The New: DUBAI, The City That Never Sleeps!

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Massive hotels, amusement parks, multipurpose theatres, biggest malls; name it all and the Emirati Metropolis of Dubai continues to grow as EXPO 2020 draws nearer.

Dubai, the city that never sleeps, the city that is full of life, the place that shows you that nothing is impossible, it shows you how you can dream big and show you that you can achieve them. With a widely diverse population from multiple backgrounds there is much to do in Dubai: the city has a vibrant night life, a plethora of restaurants featuring cuisines from all across the world, art exhibits and several entertainment options.

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It is a well known fact that the city of Dubai is a place where you get the best and most grand experiences compared to the rest of the world. This city adapts itself with the changing times and offers its visitors and residents only the finest things from the world.

The ever surprising city of Dubai keeps on adding different kinds of feathers in its cap. Whether it is the tallest tower in the world, manmade islands or the grandest hotel, Dubai is the one stop for all these locations.  The Dubai Mall is the most popular shopping venues and contains more than 1000 shops, including designer boutiques and upscale clothing stores.

In 1992, there was only 1 skyscraper in Dubai, The World Trade Centre. Now there are over 200 buildings that are over 100 meters high. Dubai has the World’s Tallest Building; The Burj Khalifa, the longest metro line: The Dubai Metro just to name a few.

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Living in Dubai is being surrounded by creative types – tech entrepreneurs, real estate agens, actors, CEO’s, designers etc. The city itself is a constant reminder of each other’s creative accomplishments, from the beautiful architecture to the beaches. Just being in Dubai is inspiring and can generate more ideas than you could hope to complete in a lifetime.