How to Sell Luxury Homes: Our 4 Tip Guide

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All agents sell homes. Only a special group has the expertise and experience to sell luxury homes. When done well, though, selling luxury homes can be incredibly rewarding.



What are Luxury Homes?

When it comes to selling luxury homes, sometimes real estate agents can get overwhelmed. Understandably so, because luxury homes are a whole other level of homes. It also depends on the person who is buying the home and what they have come to expect.

“Luxury is simply in the eye of the very covetous neighbor.”

There are so many things that you can do to elevate your selling experience and help you to sell your properties efficiently and effectively.


Tip # 1: Know Who You’re Selling To

The type of buyer that will be able to buy a luxury home will be different from your average buyer.

“You are not always casting the widest net, but trying to appeal to a certain audience”

So, you need to be looking at the right group of people. But beyond this group, you also need to sell them on why they need this particular home.

As a real estate agent you should have great knowledge of the home as well as the area that surrounds it.


Tip # 2: Price It Right

Depending on the location of the house, the market you are operating in and the types of amenities in your luxury home, pricing is variable. Because of how unique each home is, it may be difficult to compare it with other luxury properties.

Pricing is a slippery slope. Most buyers of luxury properties should be able to comfortably afford a luxury home, but price the house too high and you may not get a single prospect.

If your house is too expensive and gets no buyers, it might be stuck on the market a while.


Tip #3: Use Good Quality Photos and Videos

When it comes to marketing your luxury house, the appearance of it is of utmost importance.

Consider if you were the buyer in question. If you came across photos of the house that were blurry, poorly taken, and just an overall sloppy job, would you be interested in buying the house?

Probably not. 

When it comes to showing off all your luxury home has to offer, consider investing into a professional photographer/videographer who can take gorgeous shots of your house. These can be integrated into your promotional material, your website, and even could take the place of the open house! Virtual tours are the latest thing, allowing potential buyers to “walk through the house” even though they may not be in the area. With amazing video and photos, it could make all the difference.


Tip #4: Use Social Media in Your Marketing

So you have the photos and video and they look fantastic. Now what?

Integrate them into your social media channels!

What good is having good quality photos and video if you aren’t sharing them with potential buyers? You can use them to your advantage by using them in different marketing materials, all of which are part of your marketing strategy.

While you can still have print ads running, turn your focus online. More specifically, jump onto social media and share your listings that way.